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If you are thinking of higher education in Japan from Bangladesh. This country is the most suitable place for Bangladeshi students for world-class education on low budget. So, start your journey to learn Japanese language by choosing a reputable training center in Dhaka.

Japanese language course
Why go to study in Japan?​

Why go to study in Japan?

According to the U.S. News report, Japan ranks 7th in education. However, the cost of studying in Japan is relatively low for Bangladeshi students compared to other countries. Other reasons why you should visit japan are:

  • Opportunity to study in Japan at a low cost
  • Students are permitted to work part-time for 28 hours a week. 
  • Earnings for part-time employees might reach 1,000¥ to 1400¥ per hour or higher.
  • High-quality education.
  • Technological advancements.
  • Job market prospects
  • Scholarships for international students.

Mastering Japanese: N5 and N4

Why will you choose Meiji education?

Meiji Education is a long-term success, and our Japanese language course is taught by skilled instructors already skilled in Japan. Also, our other benefits are:

  • Books and language materials.
  • Air-conditioned classrooms
  • Extra care for weaker students
  • Mock Test / Model Test facility for NAT / JLPT / J-Test
  • Study room facilities
Meiji Education is a long-term success, and our Japanese language course is taught by skilled instructors already skilled in Japan.
Beginner Level N5

Japanese Language N5 Course

Our Japanese Language n5 course starts with the basics, focusing on the N5 level of proficiency. This level is designed for students who have yet to gain prior knowledge of the Japanese language. Our N5 course includes the following: 

  • The fundamentals of the Japanese language,
  • Including basic vocabulary,
  • Grammar structures, and
  • Essential expressions.
  • Through interactive lessons and practical exercises,
  • Students develop the skills to read, write, listen, and speak at an introductory level.

Japanese Language Course N4 Level

We offer an intermediate-level course focusing on N4 proficiency. This proficiency level serves to students with a foundational understanding of the Japanese language, aiming to refine their language skills and deepen their comprehension. Our N4 course includes the following:

  • It covers more complex grammar structures,
  • Expands vocabulary,
  • Enhances reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to achieve a higher level of proficiency.
Intermediate Level N4
What's Included in the Course

What's Included in the Courses

✡ Comprehensive Course Materials and Books
✡ Unlimited Mock Tests
Japanese Language Speaking Classes
✡ One-on-One Sessions
✡ Skype Interview Preparation
✡ Embassy Interview Preparation
✡ Flexibility of Online or In-person Classes
✡ Six Days of Classes per Week

Why do you need to know the learning Japanese language to study in Japan?

Here, learning Japanese language may make life simple and easy.
Here, learning Japanese may make life simple and easy.
Fatemee Muhammad
KDDI Corporation

Japan loves and follows its culture a lot. In maintaining their heritage and culture, they consistently employ and apply their language across various levels. If you want to study in Japan and do a part-time job along with your studies, then you must learn the Japanese language. The natives of Japan give a lot of priority to their language. So it would be best to learn Japanese to keep up with the lifestyle.

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AlhamdulillahFirst of all, I am thankful to Almighty Allah. I got visa for higher education in Japan from Hiroshima immigration in October 2023 session. Meiji Education has supported me in this journey from language learning to obtaining a visa. I am very grateful to Meiji Education.Those who want to go for higher education in Japan in the future should contact Meiji Education.
SAdman SAkibSAdman SAkib
11:29 19 Oct 23
I'm absolutely thrilled to share that I've received my Japan visa with the invaluable support of Meiji Education! 🎉I couldn't be happier right now. It's a dream come true, and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Meiji Education for their expert guidance and assistance. They made this process smooth and efficient, and I couldn't have done it without them.Japan, here I come! I'm looking forward to the amazing adventures and personal growth that await me. Thanks to Meiji Education, my dream of studying in Japan is becoming a reality.#JapanVisaSuccess #MeijiEducation #DreamsComeTrue
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Alhamdulillah ❤️By the grace of Almighty Allah, I've got my Japanese student visa today🇯🇵Meiji education has supported me wholeheartedly in my journey. For this, I thank meiji education very much.❤️
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12:17 10 Oct 23
"Meiji Education has been an incredible partner in my pursuit of a Japanese visa. Their comprehensive courses and dedicated assistance played a pivotal role in my successful visa application. Thanks
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12:12 10 Oct 23
"I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Meiji Education for their invaluable courses and unwavering support throughout my journey to obtain a Japanese visa. Your guidance and expertise made all the difference, and I'm excited to embark on this educational adventure."
Rayn nRayn n
10:18 07 Oct 23
Alhamdulliah for everything, Today I got Japanese student visa from Hiroshima immigration of Japan for October 2023 as a student visa. Thank you Meiji Education for processing my file so nicely. It also helped a lot in learning the language. My advice to all of you is to learn the language and file processing at Meiji.Thank you May Allah bless you all..
Miraj MahmudMiraj Mahmud
11:29 05 Oct 23
Alhamdulliah, Today I got Japanese student visa from embassy of Japan Bangladesh. Thank you Meiji Education for processing my file so nicely. It also helped a lot in learning the language. My advice to all of you is to learn the language and file processing at Meiji Education
imad Hasanimad Hasan
11:09 05 Oct 23
Alhamdulliah, Today I got Japanese student visa from embassy of Japan Bangladesh.Thank you Meiji education for my dream come true.They have one of the best documentation team for Certificate of Eligiblity and visa processing . I would recommend Meiji Education for Japanese visa processing.
Messy JessieMessy Jessie
05:12 05 Jul 23
By the grace of almighty Allah I’ve got my Japan visa and Meiji education has helped me in this journey. Thank you so much Meiji Education for everything.
Robiul IslamRobiul Islam
13:00 25 Jun 23
I have recently got my visa under study in Japan language programme.Throughout the whole process Meiji Education has been a great help. I highly recommend their services. Those who are interested to Learn Japanese Language and want to study in Japan they may Come at Meiji Education.
Aziz MisirAziz Misir
12:58 25 Jun 23
Meiji education Japan language plus file processing er jonno ekta best option. Dhonnobad 4, labaid er opposite pashe. Amar language learning process theke suru kore student file processing er puro journey te Meiji Education amake help koreche. I highly recommend Meiji.
Abir Hossain JoyAbir Hossain Joy
12:51 25 Jun 23
Alhamdulliah, Today I got Japanese student visa from embassy of Japan Bangladesh.Thank you Meiji education for support.
Uhlanoong RakhineUhlanoong Rakhine
14:27 21 Jun 23
Amamullah AmamullaAmamullah Amamulla
10:56 18 May 23
I am glad that I received my visa to study in Japan. The process has not been an easy one. But the assistance and guidance I received from Meiji Japanese Language School and Meiji Education made it happen. I highly recommend Meiji. Thank you for everything!
Ramin AhmedRamin Ahmed
06:02 11 Apr 23
Meiji education is one of the best language schools in Dhaka, Bangladesh.Their file processing system is too good & they are very helpful in the case of students consultancy.I have gotten Japanese Visa with the help of Meiji education. This language school's class environment is very Luscious.Overall They are very caring towards students.I can never repay their debt. I wish this school bright future so that they can help the students like us.
sagor Biswassagor Biswas
10:41 09 Apr 23
This is a very nice experience with Meiji Education...they helped me a lot for my language classes, Embassy preparation & documentation. I strongly recommend you guyz to visit meiji education for study abroad program. & everyone pray for me today i got the Japanese student Visa.
Robin SardarRobin Sardar
09:58 06 Apr 23
Meiji Education is an organisation which provides all kind of support for student visa processing. i got my student visa from here and i am very thankful to them for helping me in every step. i recommend everyone who are looking for student visa processing to come here because they provide top notch service.

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