Meiji Education is an overseas educational consultancy organization, dedicated towards providing educational services abroad to the students in Bangladesh. Meiji Education is founded by a group of competent and highly motivated professionals from different sectors including education, finance. The panel is committed to bring on excellence by providing the students with world class education solution through effective and professional advice for parents and their children who would like to study abroad.
Mohammad Jashim Uddin Bhuiyan, Chairman of Meiji Education is the founder of Meiji Education. Having a prominent career in the Industrial sector of Japan and educational sector of Bangladesh and being a member of lots of charities, he chooses to turn his attention to provide students avenues abroad for higher education.


Being a bridge across cultures and support for academic pursuit of the younger generation is our mission. Our experienced education counselors are ready to advise students on courses and career opportunities according to their educational background, interests, aptitude, and aspirations. Having a broad network with education providers, we are competent to suggest a wide range of study options and programs to meet the students’ needs.
Meiji Education is an all round service provider. Our care and concern continue though the students have left their home country. We offer first-hand assistance to students studying in local institutions, including airport pickup services, helping arrange home-stays and even opening bank accounts. We also stay in regular contact with our students and liaise with institutions and parents in monitoring students’ progress.


Almost all of our professional staff studied abroad as mature students, and had the first-hand experience of the difficulties and the challenges encountered by students choosing to continue their education in a foreign country. Those experiences have become their incentive to establish Meiji Education in the hope of assisting and supporting overseas students in adapting to life and study in a different culture.

Advantages of learning Japanese Language


➯ Japan has the 2nd largest economy in the world so the educational and career opportunities for global travelers are huge.

➯ Global companies are looking to expand their operations into Japan. So knowing Japanese is great for career as it increases employability.

➯ Japanese speakers are in the Top 3 language group of Internet users worldwide.

➯ The Japanese are world travelers, international tourists and culturally associated with the ideas of perfection and innovation.

➯ Knowing Japanese will keep you ahead from the mass people and is a stepping stone to learning other Asian languages.