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Why Study in South Korea?

If you want to do higher education in a foreign country, then the Land of Morning clam or South Korea can be one of your choices. You can study here at a very low cost. Currently, many students of Bangladesh are going to South Korea after completing HSC to get higher education. For higher education in South Korea, universities and the government offer various scholarship opportunities in 2024. Here you can complete your studies at a very low cost. Here you can spend four to 20 lakhs annually in Bangladeshi Taka, depending on your subject, college choice and result. But the average cost is around 11 lakh taka per year. If you are a bit frugal, you can easily spend around 30 thousand takas per month, including accommodation and meals in South Korea. Contact us now for more details.

Meiji Education

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    Why Meiji Education?

    • Decade of Excellence: With over ten years in the educational consultancy sector, Meiji Education has shaped the dreams of countless students, guiding them toward a brighter future in South Korea.
    • Comprehensive One-Stop Solution: From picking the right college to ensuring your visa gets approved, we handle every step. Say goodbye to juggling multiple agencies or consultants; you get a seamless, hassle-free experience with Meiji Education.
    • Expertise in South Korean Education: Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of the South Korean educational system. We provide tailored advice, ensuring you choose the course and institution that aligns with your career goals.
    • Success Stories: Our track record speaks for itself. Through our expert guidance, numerous students have successfully secured admissions in top South Korean institutions, many with scholarships.
    • Dedicated IELTS Training: Preparing for IELTS? Look no further. Our in-house IELTS courses are designed to ensure you achieve the score you need, with experienced instructors and updated materials.
    • Personalized Approach: At Meiji Education, you’re not just another application. We take the time to understand your aspirations, strengths, and concerns, crafting a personalized roadmap for your study journey.
    • Visa Approval Mastery: The visa application process can be daunting. Our team’s deep understanding of visa requirements and interview techniques significantly increases the chances of your visa approval.
    • Transparent and Honest Communication: We believe in maintaining transparency with our students. No hidden charges, no false promises. We provide honest feedback and realistic advice, ensuring you’re always in the loop.
    • Strong Network: Over the years, we’ve built a robust network with institutions, scholarship committees, and alums in South Korea. This network provides our students with unique opportunities and insights.
    • Passionate about Your Success: At the heart of Meiji Education is a team passionate about education and student success. We celebrate your achievements as our own and strive to provide the best possible guidance at every step.

    Our Recent South Korea Visa Success

    South Korea:Where Dreams Meet Dedication.

    Guide to Higher Study in South Korea

    Dive deep into the world of South Korean education with Meiji’s expert guidance. From top-tier universities to scholarships and vibrant student life – we’ve got the roadmap to your dream journey.

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    11:29 19 Oct 23
    AlhamdulillahFirst of all, I am thankful to Almighty Allah. I got visa for higher education in Japan from Hiroshima immigration in October 2023 session. Meiji Education has supported me in this journey from language learning to obtaining a visa. I am very grateful to Meiji Education.Those who want to go for higher education in Japan in the future should contact Meiji Education.
    SAdman SAkibSAdman SAkib
    11:29 19 Oct 23
    I'm absolutely thrilled to share that I've received my Japan visa with the invaluable support of Meiji Education! 🎉I couldn't be happier right now. It's a dream come true, and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Meiji Education for their expert guidance and assistance. They made this process smooth and efficient, and I couldn't have done it without them.Japan, here I come! I'm looking forward to the amazing adventures and personal growth that await me. Thanks to Meiji Education, my dream of studying in Japan is becoming a reality.#JapanVisaSuccess #MeijiEducation #DreamsComeTrue
    munna hasanmunna hasan
    12:42 15 Oct 23
    Alhamdulillah ❤️By the grace of Almighty Allah, I've got my Japanese student visa today🇯🇵Meiji education has supported me wholeheartedly in my journey. For this, I thank meiji education very much.❤️
    Md SakibMd Sakib
    12:17 10 Oct 23
    "Meiji Education has been an incredible partner in my pursuit of a Japanese visa. Their comprehensive courses and dedicated assistance played a pivotal role in my successful visa application. Thanks
    bappi bappibappi bappi
    12:12 10 Oct 23
    "I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Meiji Education for their invaluable courses and unwavering support throughout my journey to obtain a Japanese visa. Your guidance and expertise made all the difference, and I'm excited to embark on this educational adventure."
    Rayn nRayn n
    10:18 07 Oct 23
    Alhamdulliah for everything, Today I got Japanese student visa from Hiroshima immigration of Japan for October 2023 as a student visa. Thank you Meiji Education for processing my file so nicely. It also helped a lot in learning the language. My advice to all of you is to learn the language and file processing at Meiji.Thank you May Allah bless you all..
    Miraj MahmudMiraj Mahmud
    11:29 05 Oct 23
    Alhamdulliah, Today I got Japanese student visa from embassy of Japan Bangladesh. Thank you Meiji Education for processing my file so nicely. It also helped a lot in learning the language. My advice to all of you is to learn the language and file processing at Meiji Education
    imad Hasanimad Hasan
    11:09 05 Oct 23
    Alhamdulliah, Today I got Japanese student visa from embassy of Japan Bangladesh.Thank you Meiji education for my dream come true.They have one of the best documentation team for Certificate of Eligiblity and visa processing . I would recommend Meiji Education for Japanese visa processing.
    Messy JessieMessy Jessie
    05:12 05 Jul 23
    By the grace of almighty Allah I’ve got my Japan visa and Meiji education has helped me in this journey. Thank you so much Meiji Education for everything.
    Robiul IslamRobiul Islam
    13:00 25 Jun 23
    I have recently got my visa under study in Japan language programme.Throughout the whole process Meiji Education has been a great help. I highly recommend their services. Those who are interested to Learn Japanese Language and want to study in Japan they may Come at Meiji Education.
    Aziz MisirAziz Misir
    12:58 25 Jun 23
    Meiji education Japan language plus file processing er jonno ekta best option. Dhonnobad 4, labaid er opposite pashe. Amar language learning process theke suru kore student file processing er puro journey te Meiji Education amake help koreche. I highly recommend Meiji.
    Abir Hossain JoyAbir Hossain Joy
    12:51 25 Jun 23
    Alhamdulliah, Today I got Japanese student visa from embassy of Japan Bangladesh.Thank you Meiji education for support.
    Uhlanoong RakhineUhlanoong Rakhine
    14:27 21 Jun 23
    Amamullah AmamullaAmamullah Amamulla
    10:56 18 May 23
    I am glad that I received my visa to study in Japan. The process has not been an easy one. But the assistance and guidance I received from Meiji Japanese Language School and Meiji Education made it happen. I highly recommend Meiji. Thank you for everything!
    Ramin AhmedRamin Ahmed
    06:02 11 Apr 23
    Meiji education is one of the best language schools in Dhaka, Bangladesh.Their file processing system is too good & they are very helpful in the case of students consultancy.I have gotten Japanese Visa with the help of Meiji education. This language school's class environment is very Luscious.Overall They are very caring towards students.I can never repay their debt. I wish this school bright future so that they can help the students like us.
    sagor Biswassagor Biswas
    10:41 09 Apr 23
    This is a very nice experience with Meiji Education...they helped me a lot for my language classes, Embassy preparation & documentation. I strongly recommend you guyz to visit meiji education for study abroad program. & everyone pray for me today i got the Japanese student Visa.
    Robin SardarRobin Sardar
    09:58 06 Apr 23
    Meiji Education is an organisation which provides all kind of support for student visa processing. i got my student visa from here and i am very thankful to them for helping me in every step. i recommend everyone who are looking for student visa processing to come here because they provide top notch service.

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    Meiji Education

    For Any Inquery: (880) 1930-350350

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      FAQs About Studying in South Korea

      Studying in South Korea can vary from BDT 4 lakhs to 20 lakhs. Check out the breakdown for different faculties:

      • Medical universities: ~BDT 7,80,258
      • Arts and Sports: ~BDT 6,20,226
      • Engineering: ~BDT 5,78,028
      • Natural Science: ~BDT 5,45,385
      • Liberal Arts & Social Sciences: ~BDT 4,76,117

      Choose South Korea for its affordable yet high-quality education, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. Highlights include:

      • Enhanced support for international students
      • Financing options for your education
      • Rich cultural traditions in a modern society

      Yes! Universities like KU, Ewha, and Yonsei welcome students post-10th grade with proper documentation.

      All undergrad programs demand a completed 12th-grade education. Be ready with your English study plan when applying!

      Absolutely! The Global Korea Scholarship offers fully funded opportunities, covering all expenses for deserving students.

      Get ready to embark on your educational journey with these steps:

      • Identify and apply to your preferred universities.
      • Prepare necessary documents like passports and language certificates.
      • Secure enough funds or a scholarship.
      • Apply for the D-2 South Korean student visa.