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From Bangladesh to Canada

A Journey of Education And Cultural Enrichment

Exploring Higher Education in Canada: A Guide for Bangladeshi Students

Once upon a time in the bustling streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh, a young student named Farah dreamed of pursuing her higher education in a land filled with diverse opportunities and world-class educational institutions. Her eyes were set on Canada, a country known for its welcoming nature and excellent academic standards. This story isn’t just Farah’s but echoes the aspirations of many Bangladeshi students who see Canada not just as a study destination, but a gateway to a world of possibilities.

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From Dhaka to Toronto

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The quality of education in Canada is outstanding. For this reason, many students desire to study there, and there is a system of scholarships for studying in Canada. But getting this scholarship depends on two things. The first is a good score in IELTS, and the second way is which method you applied. You get both these benefits from us. Through Meiji Education, you can get your IELTS preparation done by experienced teachers, and here you can take the IDP exam. Then you can get admission to the university of your choice from here with our help. So without waiting any more, contact us now.

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    The Rising Popularity of Canadian Education

    The Rising Popularity of Canadian Education

    In recent years, Canada has emerged as the world’s third-leading destination for international students. By 2022, it boasted 807,750 study permit holders in higher education, showcasing the high quality of its education system [β€˜β€™]. 2023 witnessed a remarkable surge in new study permits, exceeding 280,000 in the first half of the year alone – a 77% increase compared to the same period in 2022 [β€˜β€™]. This trend is expected to continue, with the Canadian government processing over 435,000 new study permit applications between January and June 2023, representing a 49% increase from the previous year [β€˜β€™].

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    Explore World-Class Education in Canada

    We assist students in the visa application process for Canada and Japan. Our expert team provides guidance and support to ensure a successful visa application, helping students pursue their educational aspirations with ease.

    study in canada
    Explore World-Class Education in Canada ​
    Explore World-Class Education in Canada ​

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    Global Ed Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all your study abroad needs. We provide expert guidance and support to help you achieve your academic and career goals in Canada. Trust us to be your gateway to an exceptional educational experience.

    Challenges and Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students

    While the allure of Canadian education is undeniable, Bangladeshi students face unique challenges and opportunities upon their arrival. The journey begins with securing a study permit, choosing the right course, arranging accommodation, and obtaining health insurance [β€˜β€™]. Financial planning, including managing a budget and possibly working part-time, is crucial for a smooth transition.

    Cultural adaptation is another important aspect. Canada’s multicultural environment offers a unique opportunity for students to engage with diverse cultures, fostering cultural sensitivity and aiding in their overall adjustment [β€˜β€™]. Academically, the Canadian system is known for its rigor and practical learning, necessitating effective time management and a focus on achieving good grades to unlock future job opportunities [β€˜β€™].

    Settling into a new home in Canada requires not just adapting to the academic environment but also to the local culture, including getting to know the people around you and exploring your new city. Engaging in extracurricular activities is equally important for personal growth, as they provide opportunities for cultivating skills like leadership and teamwork.

    Health and wellness play a vital role in a student’s life, with universities often offering support services for physical and mental health concerns. Lastly, career preparedness is key, and students are encouraged to develop their professional networks and seek assistance from their institution’s career development teams to prepare for their future careers in Canada.


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    We have around 270+ official student program partners for our students. After doing the ILETS, we are also doing the visa process.Β 

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    Study in canada from Bangladesh with IELTS

    If you are a student, your dream is to pursue higher education abroad. So Canada can be one of the choices for you. In today’s world, Canada’s education standard is very good and affordable. But if you want higher education in Canada, you must do IELTS and get a good score in IELTS. And Meiji Education will help you get a good IELTS score. Meiji Education has IELTS courses conducted by skilled mentors. Our IELTS module will help you achieve yourΒ desiredΒ result. So why wait? Register now for our IELTS free demo class.

    Study in canada from Bangladesh with IELTS

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