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    Do you know about the hidden information of Japan for study purposes?

    What is purpose of study in japan

    Are you planning to go to Japan to study purpose? Every year a lot of students go to Japan to build up their careers through higher education. You will be surprised that thousands of Bangladeshis like you are planning to visit Japan to study.  Why will you select Japan for study purposes? Currently, many students from Bangladesh are going to study in Japan. According to the latest information published by UNESCO, around 30,000 students from Bangladesh continue educational programs in Japan annually.

    It is not only Bangladeshi students who wish to study in Japan. Along with Bangladesh, many students worldwide have put Japan on their choice list for studying.

    Why study in Japan?

    Why study in Japan

    All the reasons that individuals wish to study in Japan.

    1. There are 50 QC-ranking universities in Japan. 
    2. High quality of education.
    3. Everyone likes Japan for its culture and lifestyle.
    4. According to the Y-Axis report, the student visa success rate is 95%.
    5. Japan is known as a technologically advanced country. They are constantly inventing new technologies using their intelligence.
    6. Japan offers a high-quality education at a fraction of the cost compared to other countries, making it an attractive option for many students. Japan’s reputation as a technologically advanced country, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, makes it an exciting place for students to learn and grow. Japan is a clean and safe country. Its food is also healthy, and Japanese people seem fresh and young, thanks to its food and accommodation.

    Benefits of studying in Japan for Bangladeshi students

    Benefits of studying in Japan for Bangladeshi students

    There are many advantages to studying in Japan, and knowing them will surprise you. Take advantage of studying in Japan.

    1. Japan has become known for successful business people, scholars, and researchers.
    2. Japan is the region with the most Nobel laureates in Asia, 6th globally.
    3. Japan is the best manufacturer in terms of technology. There are internships and job opportunities after graduation.
    4. They are known for their friendly behavior and sensitivity.
    5. After graduation, you can work in Japan. 
    6. They have some registered places which play a role in their job application. 
    7. In Japan, international students can work part-time jobs, which gives them financial support.

    Popular universities in Japan

    Below are the names of 5 popular educational institutions in Japan.
    University of Tokyo         1            4,283
    Kyoto University         2            2,715
    Tokyo Institute of Technology         3            1,700
    Osaka University         4             2,611
    Tohoku University         5            1,780

    English proficiency test scores required

    If you want to go to Japan for an English Proficiency Test, you must get minimum marks per their requirement. According to the AZED News report

    IELTS: minimum score 6.0

    TOEFL: minimum score 80 

    It depends on Japanese universities.

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      Cultural immersion and language learning

      Cultural immersion and language learning

      Traditional Culture

      To live in a country, we need to know about that country’s culture. The Japanese have been holding on to their culture for centuries. They constantly observe their culture with devotion. They follow their every culture with heart. The traditional cultures of Japan are:

      1. Tea ceremony
      2. Calligraphy
      3. Flower arrangement
      4. Origami
      5. Drums
      6. The country’s festivals are cherry blossom viewing and summer fireworks.

      Studying Japanese culture is not just an academic pursuit; it’s about actively participating in and mastering various aspects. This active engagement is not only crucial for gaining a deep understanding and appreciation of the richness of Japanese culture, but also enjoyable.

      Language learning 

      The Japanese value their language above all else. If you can’t speak English well, you can survive in Japan if you can speak Japanese very well. More than 130 million people in Japan speak Japanese. Among them are international students. If you know the Japanese language, you will quickly get a good job opportunity after completing your studies in Japan. So, master the Japanese language before studying in Japan or during your studies. 

      Scholarship and financial support for international students

      Scholarship and financial support for international students
      Having a scholarship significantly reduces the financial pressure on you to study in Japan, providing a sense of relief and less stress. According to an After School America news report, Japan offers scholarships of up to 500,000 yen, which amounts to 372,918.0779 BDT in Bangladeshi Taka.  The Japanese government offers many types of scholarships for international students. Below are the names of the top 5 Scholarships that are currently the most popular in Japan.
      1. MEXT scholarship.
      2. Join the Japan/World Bank Graduation Scholarship program.
      3. Yokohama National University program for International students.
      4. Asian Development Bank Japan Scholarship Program
      5. JASSO Scholarship 

      MEXT Scholarship

      MEXT is the most popular scholarship. The Japanese government has awarded this scholarship to students from over 160 nations worldwide since 1954. They provide many facilities for the students. It provides financial assistance towards tuition fees, living expenses, and study-related expenses. It is a competitive scholarship. No student will feel any financial stress through this scholarship.

      Visa checklist

      You will need the following documents to obtain a Japan visa: 

      1. Genuine passport  and photocopied
      2. The eligibility certificate 
      3. Two photos (4 inch x 3 inch)
      4. Previous academic slip
      5. Airline booking slip 
      6. (6 months) Income Reports
      7. Evidence of scholarship
      8. Letter of inquiry
      9. Cover letter written

      So, make sure you have all these documents before proceeding with visa processing. If they are not there, then collect them.

      Life as an International Student in Japan

      Japanese students do better in their studies because every subject is taught practically in Japan. International students can also benefit from studying at Japanese universities. No matter what subject you study, including Engineering, Pharmacy, or Medicine, the teachers will teach you to master each subject very well. If you can master each task by properly evaluating their research and innovative work, your chances of getting a job double.

      Japan’s reputation as a top education destination is on the rise, with its universities gaining increasing recognition. These institutions play a pivotal role in the development of international students, offering them a wealth of opportunities. Upon completing their higher education, students can look forward to high-status job opportunities in Japan.


      Deciding to study in Japan can be a landmark decision for you. Everyone can dream, but only a few can make it come true. And those who can make it come true are the ones who succeed. Success never comes by itself. Success requires hard work. So you also work hard. You will find success on your own. And studying in a country like Japan is beyond imagination.