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    How To Learn Japanese Language faster: Shortcuts and Effective learning strategies

    How To Learn Japanese Language

    Many of you have watched anime or read manga in your life. If I’m right, many of you have become interested in Japanese culture and language through anime or manga. This is why some of you might dream of studying there. We are here to help you attain the strategies and road plan to learn the Japanese language. In reality, you will enjoy learning Japanese if you keep following us.

    Today, we will inform you about the ins and outs of the Japanese language and offer valuable guidelines for mastering it. We will also provide you with practical tips to help you increase your Japanese fluency. If you know valid resources and ways to practice and develop Japanese, you will have the highest level of fluency. Stay tuned as you will get the necessary tips and tricks to attain expertise in Japanese.

    Advantages of Learning Japanese for Foreigners:

    Advantages of Learning Japanese for Foreigners

    Going to a new language is always fascinating and offers long-term benefits to aspirants. These are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you embark on your journey to master the skills of Japanese language:

    1. Travel & Tourism: Japan is a treasure trove of tourist spots and cultural marvels. Mastering Japanese will enrich your travel experiences and make you more prepared for various situations, from ordering food to navigating public transportation. Career opportunities: For the past few decades, Japan has shown substantial economic development by expanding thousands of industries. These have attracted foreigners to invest more here, so the workplaces have expanded significantly. 
    2. Cultural Understanding: Cross-cultural empathy is a vital skill for dealing with the international community nowadays. Cooperation is the key to workplace development, educational fields, and daily circumstances. Moreover, you can gain a deep understanding of their cultures.

    Memory sharpening and maintaining good mental health: Learning Japanese is not just about acquiring a new skill; it’s about stimulating your brain cells to absorb new things in interesting ways. It’s a journey of mental enrichment that enhances your analytical thinking and multitasking skills. Whether you have a basic or intermediate level of proficiency in Japanese, you’ll find that it can make your life more accessible in many ways. From travel to career opportunities and cultural understanding to mental enrichment, the versatility of Japanese language skills opens up countless possibilities. 

    Japanese Language Reports:

    • Number of Speakers: Japan is widely used in the Japanese territory, serving as the state language. As of’s latest reports in 2024, the number of total Japanese speakers around the globe is more than 125 million. 
    • Growth of Japanese Language Programs: The Japan Foundation’s statistics reveal a notable expansion of Japanese language programs, now present in 141 countries. This growth is further evidenced by the 18,272 institutions currently offering Japanese language courses, with 63.1% of these conducted online.
    • Language Difficulty: According to Effective Language Learning’s latest language difficulty ranking, Japan is a Category-5 Language, which means that it is one of the hardest languages to master. The minimum learning period for Japanese from zero level is 2200 hours.

    Different methods and strategies for learning Japanese:

    Different methods and strategies for learning Japanese

    Any beginner can learn Japanese by choosing any of the methods or merging two or more methods and proceeding with their language learning journey. 

    • Self-Study: There is no alternative to studying through one’s efforts and dedication to succeed in any work or activity. This method often involves using textbooks, online resources, and language-learning apps to acquire new vocabulary, grammar, etc.
    • Language schools and classes: The JUAAB Japanese Language school is a hub of diverse Japanese learning programs catering to many learners. Online tutorials are also available on social media, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs frequently launches various language learning programs.
      • Language Exchange opportunities: The language exchange program is user-friendly and a medium for talking with people from other cultures. It can be found online in mega events or hosted on a national and international basis. 
    • Deep Engagement: If you’re dedicated and have the opportunity, you can immerse yourself in the Japanese environment. This includes study programs, cultural exchange programs, tours, or even living in Japan.


    Essential Resources for Learning Japanese:

    Essential Resources for Learning Japanese:
    • Textbooks: Books are the best resources for a person to master new skills. Reading textbooks louder will simulate the brain cells.
    • Online Platforms: Numerous platforms are available throughout the internet, such as Duolingo, Memrise, and Rosetta Stone. These platforms offer interactive lessons, vocabulary drills, and head-to-head conversations.
    • Language Learning Apps: Mobile apps like “JapanesePod101” and “HelloTalk” provide convenient ways to learn Japanese smoothly. They offer exciting benefits such as audio lessons, language exchange opportunities, etc.
    • Online Dictionaries: Online dictionaries like Jisho and Weblio are invaluable for Japanese learners. These more advanced dictionaries are readily available online without any prior fees.
    • Language Exchange Programs Online: Sites like iTalki and Tandem allow learners to connect worldwide and practice Japanese.

    Study Plans For Beginners:

    Study Plans For Beginners
    • Setting Goals: 

    You are concerned about your capabilities and shortcomings. If there is a perfect roadmap for any work, you are 80% done. You have to figure out which aspect of the learning, reading, and writing you should focus more on. 

    • Study Schedules:

    This schedule is effective for many people wishing to learn Japanese. However, the schedule completely varies from person to person.

    11:00 am – 1:00 pm: Writing 2 hours of Kanji (every day, you can learn around 10 new Kanji and jot them down).

    4:00 pm – 6:00 pm: Learning Japanese grammar and vocabulary for 2 hours.

    9:00 pm – 10:00 pm: Revising 1 hour of kanji and reading grammar 

    These 5 hours of study all throughout the day can result in a good outcome.

    This is an example of how you can craft a roadmap for your Japanese learning journey.

    Japanese Language Proficiency Tests and Certifications

    Among all the tests, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test ( JLPT) is the most prominent among non-Japanese speakers. This test evaluates the Japanese language’s speaking, listening, and writing ability. If you have a higher JLPT score, you will benefit more while staying in Japan. 

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      • Sakura Japanese Language Academy: located in Sylhet, Sakura Japanese Language Academy offers Japanese language n5 and n4 courses for those people who want to go to Japan for higher education.


      Throughout this time, you need to remain motivated and well-disciplined. Staying energized while studying Japanese would help. Maintain your daily routine and take some time from that schedule. 

      Remember, the resources for learning Japanese are abundant. You can select and use them effectively. Good luck with exploring Japanese culture and learning the Japanese language. May you achieve great success!