What are the benefits of online IELTS courses in Bangladesh?

online ielts course in bangladesh

In this busy city, everyone is busy with their work or studies.  Most of the people who do IELTS coaching are job seekers and students.  So they are always busy. With a lot of busy time, they don’t have the energy to attend offline coaching. Online IELTS courses may be best for them.  They can do online classes while being busy and sitting at home or work. Thousands of students can take advantage of online classes from the village.  Do you know the benefits of an online IELTS course?  You must read this article to learn more about it.

Are IELTS online courses effective?

Are IELTS online courses effective

Until 2019, students gave more priority to offline classes. However, the popularity of online courses started during the coronavirus pandemic.  Initially, students faced problems with online classes, but now they don’t face the problem.  Initially, rural students faced more problems. According to Bonik Barta News, 94% of the students in the village could not take online classes.  But in 2024, it has been possible to eliminate this problem.

The structure of both IELTS online and offline courses is similar. Both offer live classes, one in person and the other virtually. Notably, the facilities and quality of education are equal in both settings. This equality ensures that you can choose the mode of learning that best suits your comfort and needs.

Benefits of IELTS online coaching in Bangladesh

Benefits of IELTS online coaching in Bangladesh

Apart from saving time, online courses also have many advantages. They will surprise you. Let’s explore the benefits of an online IELTS class.

  1. The cost of online courses is lower than that of traditional classroom courses. 
  2. The offline courses are high ranges. But the cost of online classes is lower 
  3. An online IELTS course will save you the cost of traveling to the coaching center.
  4. Those whose houses are far away from the online coaching branch have saved hostel costs.
  5. In online courses, you will get facilities like solving quizzes. 
  6. You can record the class if you want. You have a lot of opportunities to take the class a second time by doing this

What can be the problem of you facing online coaching?

What can be the problem of you facing online coaching

You can face the following problems if you do online classes.

  1. We have been used to offline classes since childhood. Online courses could be more problematic at the beginning. However, many of us have become used to online classes during the Corona pandemic. 
  2. We connect face-to-face with the teacher in offline classes, so the attention is more intense. But in this facility, you need help obtaining the online course.
  3. You often miss the class because of boredom. You think you’ll do the class later. But later, the class still needs to be finished.
  4. While using a PC or mobile device to take online classes, we see and click notifications on social media platforms, which can cause us to miss the class lecture.

Top 5 online coaching center in Dhaka

Top 5 online coaching center in Dhaka

There are many IELTS coaching centers in Dhaka. But do you know which institute is best for your IELTS preparation? If not, here are the names of the top 5 coaching centers in Dhaka.

  1. Meiji Education:  It is one of Dhaka’s top 5 IELTS coaching centers. We aim to strengthen students’ English foundation by removing their fear of English. Because you need to gain knowledge of English, you miss out on the chance to study in a decent country. Again, they need to get an excellent job in their own country. We will nurture you with complete care to eliminate these problems so that you can conquer the fear of English. We have an IDP exam venue. Both strong and weak students can benefit from our classes. 
  2. British Council: It is a well-known coaching facility in Bangladesh as well. They started their journey more than 75 years ago. More than 100 territories, including the UK, are home to it. It aims to improve students by doing well in English.
  3. Saifur’s IELTS coaching center: Saifur’s coaching center started in 2002 and has many places where students can learn IELTS.
  4. Next step: Next step is one of Bangladesh’s many IELTS coaching centers where you can take offline and online classes. They have their branch in Uttara. They teach IELTS in a pleasant way to the students.
  5. St Johns Tutorial: In Dhaka, St. John’s Tutorial is a renowned IELTS tutoring facility. They conduct their classes in 3 groups. They take these classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening and are now thriving for their students’ IELTS training.

Take this IELTS coach course with the English experts

Read the steps below attentively to know how we will make you for each section.

  • We will give you the IELTS course through various techniques. 
  • You will learn effectively at our IELTS center. You can also learn each module quickly.
  • Solving questions from our books will provide you with an idea of the question pattern of IELTS. 
  • They will give many types of practical tips. So that your IELTS journey will be successful. 

Which IELTS exam should I take?

Which IELTS exam should I take

IELTS academics is a good option for going abroad for higher education. You can also take the IELTS general training course to get a secondary education, work, or go to an English-speaking country. Meiji Education offers IELTS academic and IELTS general training services. 

The choice of IELTS type is crucial and depends on your destination. For instance, if you’re eyeing the UK, a UKVI, especially an IELTS score, is a must. Meiji Education can help you make the right decision based on your goals. 

How long does it take to complete IELTS coaching?

This question arises in the minds of all students. The answer depends on how well you know English and what band score you need to achieve your goals. If you need a 6.5 band score, you will need more time due to less skill. 

Our IELTS coaching is a meticulously designed process that spans three months, providing you with comprehensive guidelines on how to prepare for the exam. This structured approach ensures you cover all the necessary modules, guiding you every step of the way. 

However, you should spend at least  10–12 weeks on the IELTS preparation. You mastered exam techniques, including basic grammar, reading speed, and writing skills. Go through as many question patterns as you can to develop yourself. Also, solve it.

All the facilities you will get from Meiji education

Many students find online courses dull.  Meiji education is for them and gives you full support.  They will never get bored by our classes. Students will feel like they are doing class at home. The benefits you will get from the Meiji education online platform are:

  1. Each week, students will receive special care to help them improve.
  2. Apart from offline classes, you will also get online courses. 
  3. It is a perfect way to learn communication and writing skills. 
  4. The official registration point for IDP and British Council Bangladesh IELTS is here.
  5. In addition to grammar support, you will have a well-organized speaking club.
  6. You also get accessible language club facilities.  

Why do you attend a Meiji education online class?

Why do you attend a Meiji education online class

You may ask yourself, “Why did you choose Meiji education for IELTS study?”  We have been trying to answer this question nicely so you can understand.

With us, you hold the power to easily connect with top universities in countries such as Japan, Canada, Australia, the USA, and South Korea.

  1. Rest assured, we provide all the necessary information and a comprehensive guideline to help you secure the scholarship to make your dream of studying abroad a reality. We will share tips and all the strategies to help you succeed in the IELTS exam.
  2. Our teacher will guide you all the time.
  3. Also, you can contact our help center for any problem; they are available 24/7.
  4. We help you a lot with vocabulary on our Facebook page. As a result, you can practice vocabulary while on social media.

How many online classes do we provide you?

We will give you three months. You have unlimited mock test opportunities with 36 classes during this period.

Regular course overview

Course type:  Offline and online 

Duration: 36 

Duration per class:1.5 hours

Total class Duration: 54 hours

Contact details:



E-mail: hr@meijieducation.com


You can do online classes at your convenience if you are outside Dhaka or unable to do IELTS due to work pressure. Then, it will be better for you to enroll in online courses. As a result, you can prepare at home.

Rest assured, you won’t miss out on anything. Our online courses offer the same high-quality facilities and guidance as offline courses. We are committed to providing you with the best learning experience, regardless of your chosen platform.