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    Can you study in South Korea without knowing the Korean language?

    can you study in south korea without knowing korean

    Koreans’ mother tongue ranks 16th in the world.  Currently, about 81 million people speak Korean.  Their language is Hangeul.  The Korean writing system’s complexity makes it challenging for international students to master this language. The standard of education in Korea is increasing day by day.  That is why the number of international students from different countries in Korea is growing.  But many people are wondering whether to study in Korea for Korean language.  Again, many students are constantly searching on Google. Is it possible to study in Korea without knowing the Korean language?  But they are not getting the answers they expect.  I hope you get this answer through this briefing.  We have tried to provide extra information here so you can learn more about studying in Korea

    Benefits of study in Korea

    South Koreans provide many opportunities for international students.
    1. 5 of the top 20 universities in Asia are in Korea. The institutions provide high-quality management, technology, economics, finance, and fashion education.
    2. Korea’s economy is the fourth biggest in Asia. This is why you are easily guaranteed a job while studying or after studying.
    3. The 2024 Global Finance report shows the country is among the top 50 safest cities. Therefore, the government is considered safe for international students.
    4. Studying in the country is cheaper than in Australia, the UK, the USA, and France.
    5. The country is technologically advanced and famous for its natural beauty. 
    6. South Koreans consider education to be the primary driver of life mobility.
    7. South Korea offers many opportunities for International students, such as education and career development support and other benefits.

    Common barriers for international students

    When we go to a foreign country, we face many problems because we must familiarize ourselves with many things there.

    • We give more priority to our language in every work. Similarly, Koreans also give priority to their language. Learning Korean will make your communication easier. If we don’t know the Korean language, sometimes we face problems.
    • It can be expensive for you to be away from home internationally. We should work in our spare time to support our expenses besides studying.
    • International students must familiarize themselves with the assignment format at Korean University. Many institutions emphasize the memorization of a common database to personalize the interpretation of American higher education.
    • International students living outside their home country can visit the country twice a year.
    • Their culture and food may seem rude. Alcohol or other substances in their food.

    Test of proficiency in Korea

    Test of proficiency in Korea

    Koreans give high priority to their culture and language. They have their language proficiency test. It’s known as the (TOPIK). International students take this test to develop themselves in the Korean language. The exam is held six times yearly: in January, April, May, July, October, and November. Learning Korean will make it easier for you to converse with the locals. Even communication with teachers and friends will be straightforward.

    Why the Korean language is important

    Below are the reasons why the Korean language is so important for the people living in this country:

    1. Korean universities say students will take every class in English. However, teachers conduct classes in Korean. If you are taking an engineering course, you will take English lessons.  
    2. Moreover, when you talk to the people in the shop when buying various products, they speak Korean.  
    3. You will sometimes get the correct information from Google for directions.  In this case, you need to take the help of locals.  

    To avoid these problems, you should take a Korean language course for 4-5 months.   You can also learn the Korean language from YouTube without spending any money.  

    But if your institute is in Seoul, then it is good for you. Most of the institute classes here are in English. Koreans understand English but hesitate to speak It. After you move to Korea, you will find that your friends will feel uncomfortable talking to you in English. If you want to make many friends, you must know the Korean language.

    How to study in Korea without knowing the Korean language

    How to study in Korea without knowing the Korean language

    Everyone in Korea values ​​their mother tongue.  So, if you think you can spend a long time in Korea without the Korean language, then no problem.  Then you’re mistaken.   If you do not know the Korean language, you will face many problems. 

    Many Korean universities offer English programs, especially graduate-level programs.  Find out about universities that offer programs in English.  For your convenience, we have named some universities that offer courses in English: 

    • Yonsei University
    • Seoul National University
    •  Korea University

    Top Korean University for International Students

    Korea is one of the top countries in Asia in terms of education. These universities are popular not only in Korea but also among students around the world.





    Seoul National University



    Korea Advanced Institute Of Science and Technology



    Yousei University



    Korea University



    Pohang University Of Science and Technology



    Meiji Education
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      Most affordable Korean University for international students

      Some of the most affordable educational institutions in Korea are:


                        NAMEPER SEMESTER FEE
      Hankuk University of Foreign Studies2,490 EUR   (291,381 BDT)
      Hanyang University2,490 EUR    (291,381 BDT)
      Dong-A University1,990 EUR     (232,870 BDT)

      Support service for international students

      Your Guide to the IELTS Score

      IELTS total score is 10, and the expert level is 9. It’s not about passing or failing but showing your English proficiency. IELTS score depends on four parts such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Then, they average these to figure out your overall score. This score helps places like schools or jobs know if your English fits their needs. Remember, different places want different scores, so always check what you need for where you head!

      Why is IELTS Score Important in Canada

      If you want to get into a good university, you need a good score in IELTS. Immigration authorities and educational institutions use it to assess your English proficiency. English proficiency in Canada will help you in every way, as it is the key to your success.

      A good IELTS score can increase your CRS for immigration purposes in the Express Entry system. Similarly, a strong IELTS score can make you a more competitive applicant when applying to Canadian universities or colleges. It demonstrates your language proficiency and ability to succeed in an English-speaking academic environment.

      IELTS Score Requirements for Canadian Universities

      Koreans have a help center for international students. These service centers have been launched with the well-being and success of the students kept in mind. It offers various programs, including orientation on adapting to new environments. Find out what services the service Centers provide to international students.

      1. The Japanese support center provides orientation and student counseling services. These services primarily help international students adjust to the new environment. 
      2. Orientation programs contribute the most to international students’ adaptation to institutional campus academic requirements and South Korean culture.
      3. Student counseling services help you to get rid of personal and social problems.
      4. Service centers support you emotionally.  If you are worried about anything, they will give you a solution.
      5. They have student clubs for international students, language exchange programs, and various cultural events that expand your network and create opportunities to make friends.
      6. They give all the directions regarding visas.


      Study in South Korea from Bangladesh

      Study in South Korea from Bangladesh

      The most significant advantage of studying in South Korea from Bangladesh is the affordable tuition fees. Another reason is its excellent education system. The academic performance of the country’s students is also good. South Korea performs very well in math and science education. The country’s students have an OECD score of 519, ranking ninth in the OECD score. 

      The education system of this country is improving daily. Apart from Bangladesh, international students are deciding to study in South Korea daily. In 2024, according to Korea JoongAng Daily, 5 Korean institutions will be among the top 100 globally.


      You can study Korean without learning the language. The Korean government provides all kinds of support to international students. They aim to participate in the World Court by increasing their country’s education quality.  A media survey done with Erudera shows the South Korean government wants to admit 300,000 international students in 2027.