IELTS VS DUOLINGO: Which To Choose For English Language Proficiency?


Everyone dreams of getting a higher education and an excellent job in a developed country like abroad.  To fulfill this dream, you must prove you are proficient in English.  With IELTS or Duolingo English proficiency test results, you can realize your dream of creating an identity abroad.  But do you know which IELTS and Duolingo tests you should choose?  So let’s know a little about this.  IELTS in Bangladesh is gaining popularity because it offers two types of test methods.  Most Bangladeshis, on the other hand, always keep the IELTS paper exam first on our list of choices.

On the other hand, many of us have thought of Duolingo (DET) as a language learning tool. Initially,  Duolingo started teaching languages on an online platform. Nowadays, it is gaining wide recognition for testing English language skills.  However, Duolingo exams have not yet achieved the same recognition as IELTS.

IELTS: Advantages and Disadvantages

IELTS Advantages and Disadvantages

Many people worldwide opt for IELTS to test their English proficiency and settle abroad in English-speaking countries. Let’s explore the world of IELTS and its pros and cons.



Worldwide Acknowledgement:

They are widely accepted by over 10,000 institutions worldwide.

Strict Schedules:

Fixed test dates with limited flexibility for rescheduling

World-class assessment:

Thorough evaluation of English skills.


Lengthy test duration (approx. 2 hours 45 minutes) can be exhausting, affecting focus, especially for those with other commitments.

Persuasive Evaluation:

Continuous testing and innovative assessment methods

High Cost of Registration:

High registration fees are incredibly challenging for middle-class families; 22,500 taka;additional costs for retests (approx. 200 USD)

Available Resources:

Access to numerous preparation materials.

Distant Test Centres:

Test centers may be far from some candidates, requiring long-distance travel to larger cities

Detailed Feedback:

Provides detailed correction and feedback on English usage.


Duolingo English Test: Advantages and Disadvantages

Duolingo Test is an enhanced way of judging English language proficiency. It takes less time and combines flexibility and time management.




Multiple times:

No specific limit to take the test.


Limited resources and sample test papers are available online; compared to other tests, there are fewer published preparation books

Quick Test Scores:

Results are available within a day or two and accessible online.

Technical Limitations:

It requires a specific technical setup (computer or mobile with camera, stable internet), which may be challenging for some due to financial constraints

Remote Exam Facility:

Can appear at the test from any corner in the world

Speaking Test’s Quickness:

It requires a specific technical setup (computer or mobile with camera, stable internet), which may be challenging for some due to financial constraints.

Schedule Flexibility:

Tests can be scheduled anytime, according to the test taker’s flexibility.

Less Acceptance:

Although colleges and organizations do not accept it as widely as other tests, it is still establishing its global reputation.

Affordable Cost:

The registration fee of 5800 BDT is relatively affordable compared to other English proficiency tests

No resources saved:

If you violate any rule of the test, like looking here and there, they will not give you the test score

Easily Understandable:

It is a simple process with clear instructions displayed on the screen.


The difference in test structures of IELTS And Duolingo:

The difference in test structures of IELTS And Duolingo

IELTS: This consists of Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking Tests. The band score is on the level of 9. People with a band score of 9 are Experts. The scores below depict very high proficiency levels, high levels, fundamental levels, etc. It takes more or less 3 hours in total.

Duolingo: This test has three parts: introduction, Adaptive Test & Writing, and Speaking. The difficulty level of Adaptive questions varies from question to question. The speaking section, a dynamic part of the test, involves delivering a speech on a topic, evaluating a situation, or describing an image. The writing part is for a certain period to answer some exciting prompts at the end of the test.

IELTS vs Duolingo Score Conversion System

IELTS vs Duolingo Score Conversion System

For smooth understanding, we are presenting an equivalence between the scores of the IELTS and Duolingo tests. Both of them bear the same value. Check this out.

IELTS score

Duolingo (DET) score





















Which test is more favourable to international students between IELTS and Duolingo Test?





Test takers in 2023

5 million


Test Flexibility 

Both computer based and paper based

Only computer based

Feedbacks and support

Instant help from the examiners

Nothing to do after any inconveniences

Number of Accepting universities



IELTS and Duolingo Registration Fee and Procedures in Bangladesh

IELTS and Duolingo Registration Fee and Procedures in Bangladesh





BDT 22,500  

BDT 5,800


Register in British Council or IDP websites

Register in the official website of Duolingo 

Required Documents



Which is the right test for you Between IELTS and Duolingo?

Go for IELTS if you need to show your detailed efforts to the universities. Universities from all over the world accept IELTS scores. If you have extended time to prepare, go for it.

You don’t need to prepare much for the Duolingo English test. If you have a short time and want to save money, sit for DET. Although there are fewer facilities, they are still in use.

IELTS or Duolingo: Which is easier?

IELTS, with its comprehensive sections on reading, writing,  listening  , and speaking, offers a detailed evaluation. While it may seem challenging, with dedicated preparation, a good score is within reach. This dedicated preparation is crucial due to the test’s difficulty. Begin your preparations at least two months before the test to maximize your chances of success.

Duolingo is handy and easy to test. Just go with the flow. Remember to use genuine English. Practice more and more.


The IELTS’s reading, writing, speaking, and listening part is a more convenient method for reflecting on one’s knowledge of the English language. Also, the expert professionals are there to interact closely with the test takers. 

Besides, the Duolingo English Test is a more flexible yet limited process of figuring out English proficiency. Since the registration fee is slightly lower, the facilities are less. The evaluation criteria could be more effective in DETs. 

Therefore, people prefer IELTS over Duolingo for an exact evaluation because of its lively features, outcomes, and effective feedback.