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    Which IELTS is required for a student's visa?

    Which IELTS is required for a student's visa

    To go abroad and continue studying there, you need a permit, which is called a student visa or F1 visa. For this reason, you need to achieve a standard IELTS Academic score to get the highly desired F1 or student visa.

    According to the Daily Star’s report of August 2023, the number of Bangladeshi students venturing abroad for higher education has surged, tripling from 2008 to 2023. This trend highlights the growing aspiration of Bangladeshi students to study in their dream universities, but also the pressing need for more comprehensive guidance.

    Most students are from the Bengali curriculum. As you shift your university curriculum from Bengali to English, you must focus on improving your English Language Skills to adjust to the new learning environment. 

    So, if you’re ready for an exciting exploration of IELTS and the Student visa, stay tuned and turn your vision into reality. 

    Why IELTS For Bangladeshi Students?

    Why IELTS For Bangladeshi Students

    IELTS, a prerequisite for international students, is a gateway to fruitful communication in diverse cultural settings. Demonstrating your English language proficiency through IELTS can open doors to foreign colleges and embark on long-term studies in an English-medium environment.

    Among the prominent types of IELTS, the universities ask applicants to have a standard band score on the IELTS Academic Test. The band score in IELTS depicts how good a student’s English language proficiency is. The better the score, the better the institution the students can go.

    The necessity of IELTS in getting a student visa

    The necessity of IELTS in getting a student visa
    Most young aspirants need clarification about the essence of taking an IELTS Test. The IELTS Academic is an asset for students who want to showcase a good profile in front of the admission committee.  As universities look for future leaders and changemakers, communication skills aligned with teamwork are top-notch priorities. As the International Language, English is a medium to ensure intercultural empathy among local and international students. 
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      Convince the Visa interviewer that you can adapt

      Convince the Visa interviewer that you can adapt

      The IELTS test is now more than a personal English qualification to attain a diverse cultural community.  It has become a requirement for many. A highly skilled person in English usage can easily present their innovative approach and practical ideas.

      So, a good band score is a good qualification for showing universities that want to assess one’s intention, dedication, experience, and track record in improving communication skills. It is common practice to ask international students to gain expertise in the territorial language, and English is no exception. 

      But does an applicant with band 8.5 or rarely 9.0 always get into the Ivy Leagues or the top-tier universities of the USA, Canada, and UK, or is it just a myth that IELTS ensures Full-ride scholarships, a Student visa, and a resident permit? The truth is, the competition is fierce, and a high IELTS score can give you an edge.

      No. It is just a qualification to add to the application. Colleges prefer students with a standard IELTS score but do not guarantee admission. 

      Does IELTS Academics alone bring the Student Visa?

      Does IELTS Academics alone bring the Student Visa
      You need to understand the whole application and visa process along with the Importance of IELTS in these steps :
      • Getting a student visa is stressful for a young aspirant who wants to pursue his studies in dream colleges and universities. Getting prepared includes sitting for the IELTS test and standardized exams (AP, DSAT), collecting recommendation letters, applying through a portal, and so on.
      • The student waits a few weeks for the college’s decision. If it’s a yes, then Congratulations. This is almost done.
      • However, this visa interview could be more precise, requiring several documents and a thorough assessment. IELTS band 6.0 is the minimum for most countries to go to study. If not, the medium of instruction is considered.
      • Whether it is an IELTS certificate with a band of 8.5 or a TOEFL score with high remarks, the visa officer may reject the visa application if the interviewer finds loopholes or misinformation in the applicant’s documents. 
      • The interviewers emphasize the college ranks, meaning that the students applying to less-ranked universities in the first place. So, this qualification is mandatory, but the visa needs to be confirmed.

      IELTS Requirement for Undergraduates and Postgraduates:

      IELTS Requirement for Undergraduates and Postgraduates

      For any educational purpose, whether it is a novice undergraduate, an experienced postgraduate aspirant, or a doctoral degree seeker, having a standard IELTS score is one of the most crucial criteria for admission. The band score is needed when the offer letter coincides with the visa interviews.

      Below are some of the IELTS band requirements and criteria for some of the most preferable study destinations:

      • USA:

      Student visas in the USA are often considered the most complex visa application process for international aspirants. Applicants need to prepare a large number of documents. 

      After submitting the Common Application and receiving the offer letter, the students need to be prepared with IELTS documents. US colleges place a strong emphasis on English language proficiency, with a minimum score of 6 to 6.5 being preferred. An overall band of 7 is considered a good match for the top-ranked colleges. 

      • Canada:

      Canadian Universities are unique in their curriculum. Unlike US colleges, they do not have a common application platform, so students must apply individually to the respective portals and visit university sites.

       IELTS is a huge priority. They prefer undergraduates to achieve an overall 6.5. Although postgraduate programs require a comparatively higher score, the opportunity is huge in Canada.

      • Australia: 

      Australia values people highly for their English skills and Academic Track record. These are highly prioritized as Australian institutions give less emphasis on the extracurricular sessions of students seeking admissions. Students are encouraged to score at least 6 for undergraduates and 6.5 for postgraduates.


      IELTS Academics is only a tool for getting accepted into Dream Universities and a student visa to stay in foreign countries. Still, the candidate himself is the weapon to crack it. The arrangement and sequencing of the documents, crafting the essay beautifully, and submitting financial aid documents all help an applicant stand out. A band score in IELTS Academics is more than just a number. It symbolizes your ability to connect and communicate with people globally or to run an organization effectively. In essence, IELTS Academics is a powerful tool for demonstrating your English proficiency and showcasing how you can contribute to the international community through your communication skills.