Study in Sweden

About Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian country that is located in the Northern part of Europe, between Norway and Finland. Many people don’t realize that it also has a way to get into Denmark, which is a bridge and tunnel hybrid that is referred to as the Øresund. It is a member of the European Union, and is number three in terms of size (450,295 square kilometers (173,860 sq mi)). The capital of the country is Stockholm. It is bordered on the East by the Baltic Sea and is separated in from Norway in the west by the Skandema, a Scandinavian mountain chain. In this section, we’re going to help you get a better idea of how your life is going to be while you are studying in Sweden. Specifically, we are going to look at the government, the history, and climate, geography, and topography. These different factors will help you to get a better overall understanding of the country before you make a final decision about studying there.

Why Study in Sweden?

It is a big step to study abroad, and the options are nearly limitless. So what makes Sweden stand out as a study destination? What makes it so different from other countries that you could go to? Why would you want to go there as opposed to other countries? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular reasons for people to study in Sweden.

Swedish Universities have some of the best Advanced Degree Programs in the world

Swedish master’s degree program offer unique opportunities to turn theory into practice. Many programs also work closely with the industry, offering students the possibility to combine study and practical work. You can take internships, apprenticeships, and even work part time in fields that are related to your Advanced degree studies. That means that you will get both the hands on experience and the ability to apply what you are learning to what you are doing. Knowing how to turn theory into practice can give you distinct advantages over your peers when you go into the workforce upon completing your degree.

You will be surrounded by innovation and creativity

Innovative research is done by both Swedish companies and universities. The Swedes embrace creativity and institution, and are proud of what their minds have been able to create. The results of this research and creativity have generated several successful inventions that are known throughout the world. Check out some of the innovations that wouldn’t have existed without Swedish ingenuity:

  • Computer mice, Bluetooth technology, and other external computing devices
  • Ball bearings and other technologies related to the manufacturing industry.
  • Pacemakers, kidney dialysis devices and other health care devices that save lives every day.
  • Skype and other internet technologies.

Chances are, you use at least some of these products every day. If you don’t, you can at least name what a few of them are. And these are just some of the examples of Swedish ingenuity; there are even more products that you may come across while looking for items that Swedes have invented or made, and the innovation is going to play a role in encouraging you to expand your mind. Sweden has numerous large multinational organizations that are in the forefront of the world when it comes to innovation and technology. Not sure if you have ever purchased items or used services from a Swedish company? Here are some of the most well known companies that you will find around the world, but are based or were started in Sweden:

  • Ericsson
  • Volvo
  • Scania
  • Electrolux
  • SKF
  • Sandvik
  • Atlas Copco
  • IKEA
  • H&M (clothing company)

You’ve probably heard of several of these companies, and you may even own products from one or more of them. If you decide to study in Sweden, you will be surrounded by some of the most innovative people and companies in the world. The environment in Sweden helps to encourage imagination, and if you study there, you can be part of the changes that Sweden gives to the rest of the world.


Living costs in Sweden depend largely on your individual lifestyle. A sample monthly budget is as follows:

Food: SEK 2,000
Accommodation: SEK 3,750
Localtravel: SEK 560
Telephone/internet: SEK 300
Insurance, medical care and hygiene: SEK 300
Hobby/leisure, miscellaneous: SEK 1,100
Total: SEK 8,010


Work during your studies

As an international student in Sweden, you’re allowed to work alongside your studies – there’s no official limitation for how many hours you can work. However, it’s important to keep your studies as your first priority – even when you don’t have many classroom hours, you’re expected to spend the equivalent of a 40-hour work week reading and working on assignments. Most universities have careers services that can help you with finding a part-time job during your studies. Many also offer services like employer fairs, CV checks and special events with companies.

Work after your studies

Sweden is a great place to start your career, and innovative, international companies are found throughout the country. You can apply to extend your residence permit for up to six months to search for a job or start a company, and if you receive a job offer meeting certain conditions you can then apply for a work permit.

Study in Sweden

Meiji Education Represents 36 Universities of Sweden


For Bachelor Program

  1. IELTS Require: 6.5
  2. SSC and HSC Passed- Minimum GPA (3.00) + (3.00) = 6.00
  3. No ILTES Requirement for the Students who have completed A level.


For Masters Program

  1. I ELTS Require: 6.5
  2. No IELTS Requirement for Privet and Government University Students (Medium of instruction in English)
  3. Subject Related Field.


Application start 16th October 2017
Last date of application 15th  January 2018
Last date for received academic documents

& application fees 1st Feb. 2018


Result published date: 24th March 2018

First notification of selection result Publish date: 24th of March 2018

Letter of Acceptance with Offer Letter arrive on 21st 10th April 2018

Tuition Fee Payment to College/University: 28th April to 5th May 2018

 Visa Application: May/05-May/20

Visa Receive date: Jun to July 31st of 2018

Fly: 1st Week of August 2018

Class Start date: August 2018


Documents Required for Appling in Sweden                                                                                                     

  1. All Academic Certificate & Mark sheet / Transcript- (Scan Copy)
  2. Medium of Instruction Certificate- (Scan Copy) Or IELTS
  3. Purpose of study or Motivation Letter
  4. Passport Copy- Scan Copy
  5. Job Experience Certificate (if any)

For visa application

  1. Bank statement (1-2 month)
  2. Bank solvency
  3. Offer Letter from university
  4. Filled Visa application form